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Secrets to a Successful Marriage Proposal

The proposal – that quintessential moment of angst and trepidation – will determine the balance of your relationship for the rest of your life: Will she say yes? Will she say no? And what if she says no because you screwed it all up? (Read last week’s article on strange marital proposals.)

You have a lot at stake emotionally so you really should invest in some deep thinking and heavy contemplation on how and where you’ll propose. (In other words, you gotta plan this out, dude!) Let us discover the secrets to a successful marriage proposal.

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follow our steps for a successful marriage proposal

Bridal Guide offers some tips to tilt the odds in your favor:

  • Location, Location, Location: Your proposal site has to be sentimental and significant, not crass or mundane?(Did you read last week’s article?) How about the restaurant where you had your first date, the place you had your first kiss or the spot you first said “I love you”?
  • Surprise, Surprise: This one requires some planning and thinking. You might want to propose at a family gathering or a holiday dinner. If you’re thinking of making the moment special and intimate, have your close friends or family out of sight and wave them to return after she responds in the positive. You get the best of both worlds: the intimate time alone and the opportunity to share the moment with loved ones.
  • Oh, Shoot: Have a professional photographer available – in hiding – to capture the occasion covertly. Expert photographers know how to use light and position to get the best images.
  • The Hills Are Alive: Use music. What’s your favorite song that you share? How about the one you first slow-danced to?
  • A Rose By Any Other Name: How about a surprise bouquet? You can even have a floral arrangement set up at your proposal location. Arranging the number of flowers might add a romantic touch: ten flowers for the ten years you’ve known each other.
  • Early To Bed, Early To Rise: If you’ve planned the occasion for an evening, propose early so that you’re not nervous the whole time. That way you can enjoy yourself the remainder of the evening – if she says “yes.”
  • Lights, Camera, Action: Following a script, sticking to a formula or rehearsing lines might work in the movies, but successful proposals must come from the heart. Tell her what you love most about her and when exactly you knew she was the one for you. Don’t, don’t and don’t read from a prepared text! And, during your proposal, make sure you breathe. (Even if she does say “yes,” how will you know if you’ve passed out from hyperventilation?)

After all is said and done, contact our expert wedding planner at 352-402-4376. We’re here to help you make the rest of the moments go beautifully.

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