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Windscreens at Golden Ocala Help Tennis Players

You might be able to understand the tantrums, the fits of rage, the yelling, the hollering, the weeping and even the gnashing of teeth. The temperamental tennis star returns a sizzling volley or beautifully slams down a serve, only to have it go out of bounds. Or, by some cosmic twinkle of misguided sunlight, the player misses the ball entirely. Oh, the agony! The humiliation! The tribulation!

Who’s to blame when cantankerous Mother Nature spoils tennis perfection? The wind, the blasted wind, that’s who! Or, by golly, the sun, casting rude rays in all the wrong places! We at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club understand the drama of tennis. That’s why we’re all about windscreens at Golden Ocala.

We’ve put up windscreens at our world-class tennis courts, all six of our Har-Tru Hydro-Grid® courts, lit for night play. Welch Tennis installed the new windscreens at Golden Ocala.

Windscreens Block Wind, Sun

What does this mean for Golden Ocala tennis players? The windscreens provide a shield from the sun and wind and give players a better backdrop to see the tennis balls.

Tennis court and windscreens at Golden Ocala.

That means a day on the courts will go uninhibited by nature’s mischief. That means you can enjoy the fury of the sport even more.

Here are some fun features at Golden Ocala’s tennis facilities:

  • Private tennis lessons with our tennis professionals.
  • Youth tennis programs.
  • Champion tennis leagues.
  • Tennis Pro Shop offering the latest in tennis fashion.
  • Custom racket stringing.

Contact one of Golden Ocala’s tennis professionals today at 352-402-4351 to learn more.

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