04 November 13  |  Tennis   |  

Wilson’s New Technology is Raising Heads Once Again

Written by Thiroshan Chetty, our Director of Tennis.

Wilson’s new technology is raising heads once again with their new Six.One 95 racquet. If you are looking for better control and more spin, I suggest giving this racket a try. Wilson has come up with an amazing concept to create parallel drilling in their rackets to ensure that their patented grommets create a larger sweet spot on the racket. That’s something we can all benefit from!

Why is Having a Larger Sweet Spot Better?

If you do miss hit the ball, the string and the frame of the racket help to off-set some of the error by creating a larger sweet spot. So, if you hit the ball off center to the right, having the larger sweet spot will make it feel as if you hit the ball in the center. Tennis players with all types of playing styles can benefit from using this racket, especially those who don’t always hit the ball in the center of the racket.

Want to try it out?

Stop by the Tennis Shop at Golden Ocala! We have a demo system so that members can come out and try the racket before buying it. These rackets will be available for our members to order starting this month!