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What Is A Har-Tru Hydro-Grid® Tennis Court And Why Is It The Best?

Anyone who’s familiar with Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club knows just how seriously its members are about tennis. Golden Ocala’s Tennis Club attracts some of the most enthusiastic tennis players, and true enthusiasts know better than anyone else that tennis court material matters.

Har-Tru HydroGrid® courts have been making waves in the tennis community as an innovation in court material physics. Just what is it that sets the HydroGrid court apart from its traditional predecessors? The science may surprise you.

Har-Tru HydroGrid® Technology

Although the HydroCourt is clay-based, it isn’t necessarily the same as a conventional clay court or any of the other conventional tennis court types. According to Har-Tru, this court was originally inspired by the buoyancy studies of Archimedes.

Drawing inspiration from the ancient Greek engineer’s principle that water will always move to level itself out, the HydroCourt is made to operate in a similar way. Each court has six “control boxes” that serve as pipelined receptacles for water that flows underneath the surface. The pipes of these control boxes have each been made with a 20 mm thick lining of a hyperlastic liner.

Each of the boxes is assigned to a water cell that provides it with a consistent water flow, and the higher the water level in the box, the higher the water under the court. HydroCourt operators can freely adjust how much moisture they’d like to have on the surface of the court at any time.

Golden Ocala Tennis Court

Irrigation Advantages

The HydroCourt was made to keep a consistent water level at all times. With a consistent moisture level, there could potentially be a good amount of time saved that would normally be spent watering the court manually. The texture of the court was made to hold moisture more evenly than what’s typical for the average surface-level irrigation system, which could help the consistency of the traction. In another departure from what’s typical of regular irrigation systems, HydroCourts are designed to use nearly 60 percent less excess water overall.

Convenience And Maintenance Features

The most technical tennis players will probably appreciate the fact that their preferred water level can be marked on the HydroCourt’s control box, helping to ensure that their home court is perfectly optimized for their needs with every match. The moisture level remaining consistent should also lower a number of times that users need to manually brush and roll it, but when maintenance does become a necessity, a Har-Tru Gator Rake is available.

Whenever the owner needs to drain the court, all they have to do is pull the plug. The HydroCourt was designed to be fed by gravity, which should ideally make the draining process go more quickly. Because colder weather can quickly generate extra moisture on the court, swift draining can be very convenient.

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