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What Are The Best Ways To Prevent Tennis Injuries?

The wind whistles through your racket as the netting catches the angrily flying yellow ball and, in a violent instant, reversing its trajectory and savagely catapulting it back from whence it came. This is that beloved game of tennis, infused with passion, precision and personality.

And within this lust called tennis forever lurks, with smirking pretense, the potential for tennis injuries. While the frenzy of competition and the zeal of the wild moments may keep you moving, it’s the sudden, uncompromising pains that send you to the sad sidelines. Your strong elbow – always faithful – seems to want to utter its newly acquired mantra: “No! No! No!”

Tennis injuries can come suddenly and take the fun out of your game, transforming your game into an unwelcome and unhappy chore.

So, how do you protect yourself from injuries?

Golden Ocala Offers Tips To Keep In Top Shape

We at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club understand that the game brings joy and healthy recreation, which is why we offer the finest amenities players can find.

But warding off injuries should always be your top priority. Stop Sports Injuries offers a number of tips to prevent and treat injuries:

  • Tennis elbow is an overuse injury of the muscles that extend and bend the wrist. These muscles are used when the racket strikes the ball. Good prevention of this type of injury entails muscle strengthening exercises and regular warm-ups. Players should also make sure they are gripping their rackets correctly and are using proper techniques.
  • Shoulder injuries are caused by inadequate muscle conditioning around the rotator cuff. When the cuff, which helps hold the shoulder in place, is weakened or worn, additional play in the shoulder can lead to irritated muscle tissues or torn cuffs. Injuries in the cuff typically produce pain in overhead motions, such as serves. Using exercise bands to put light resistance on shoulders by flexing and extending the wrist is helpful.
  • Stress fractures affect mostly beginners who attempt to train too hard or increase their training too quickly. Tired muscles put more stress on bones, which can lead to fractures. Proper strength and endurance training – and good tennis shoes – help prevent fractures.
  • Quick, sudden moves can lead to strained muscles. Good warm-up routines and stretching help lower the prospects of muscle strains. Warm-ups may include jogging, jumping jacks or a low-intensity bike ride.

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