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Up Your Game at Golden Ocala

Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club wants to help you improve your tennis game by offering you a wonderful place to play, to get professional support and to obtain expert tips and tricks. Included among these items are the following benefits that tennis players of any level can enjoy:

  • Professional Lessons
  • The Ability to Join Groups
  • Day Leagues
  • Six Har-Tru Hydro-Grid® Courts
  • Lights for Night Play

In addition, many players using music to improve tennis playing discover some amazing benefits. While improving your tennis game, you should consider how the perfectly selected tune can make all the difference. Music is a wonderful way to distract yourself from your troubles as well as put yourself in just the right mood to excel.

Music and Your Emotions

Every Golden Ocala tennis player needs a certain level of energy for competition. The amount depends on each individual. Some people need to get their energy levels up before a game while others can play with much less. Having too much, or not enough energy, as you head into your next match can lead to failure.

The goal is to find that perfect amount of energy to put you in your zone. Once you find your zone, you need to select a piece of music to match. This could be a song that elicits a certain emotion for you. When it is played before a game, it will help you get right back into your zone. For example, if you are going into a game with too little energy, an upbeat song can be used for motivation.

A Distraction

Another plus of using music to improve tennis playing is it distracts you from negative thoughts. Players often experience butterflies, anxiety, fears and doubts just before a match. Having just the right music playing can have a calming effect that pulls your mind away from these negative feelings. Included as a part of your pre-game routine, music will lower your blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension.

Giving yourself a mental distraction allows you to be more physically and mentally prepared. You don’t have to wait until just before a game. Listen to soothing music the evening before so that you get a better night’s sleep, and play something relaxing while getting ready in the morning.

Tennis player serving tennis ball.
Put It Into Action

Remember that as a tennis player, having too little energy won’t allow you to head into a game alert and ready to play. On the other hand, too much energy results in failure due to your emotions racing in all directions. Find that ideal energy level with the help of music before your next match.

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