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Tips For Improving Your Tennis Serve

As one of the tennis capitals of the world, Central Florida is full of people who understand how much technical skill there is to the perfect tennis serve. This is especially true when it comes to the Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club, a 1,200-acre hub for some of the most passionate tennis enthusiasts in the state.

If you want to take your game to the next level, then understanding the best practices for improving your tennis serve can mean the difference between either winning or losing against an equally skilled opponent. Real players know that tennis is a game of highly technical physics and precision. Take the following tips for improving your tennis serve into consideration, and you may find that edge to take your competitive power up a notch.

Trunk Movement

One of the first aspects of the perfect serve is the initial movement of your abdomen. Before actually making contact with the tennis ball, make sure your center of gravity is moved towards the ball in a manner that best transfers power. Instead of focusing on sending the ball flying over to the other end of the court, you should first focus entirely on mastering that initial trunk rotation; this will help to ensure that all other parts of the serve will be based on good form.

Extension Of Your Arm and Racket

After you have mastered the trunk movement, the next part of a good serve involves the vertical extension of your arm and racket. The objective of the perfect vertical extension should be to get as much height as possible before making contact with the ball. With your body facing the net, aim to hyperextend your arm to its limit for reaching the ball at the peak of its rise.

The key to ensuring that you make contact with the ball at its height is to never take your eye off of it until the moment of contact. Generally speaking, any tennis serve that comes off as “floaty” just wasn’t hit at a high enough elevation.

The Strike

tennis ball being served

In addition to getting fluid trunk movement and ideal height in your extension, you should ensure that the momentum of your strike is strong. Momentum is generated by an energetic movement that comes from the wrist and continues throughout the entire follow-through.

Visualize the service box on the other end of the court and focus on sending it in a trajectory in one powerful snap. Though it may seem counterintuitive, the objective should be to keep your wrist feeling free and loose while making sure that you deliver all of your power into completing the snap.

Practice Makes Perfect

Trunk rotation, height extension and a concentrated snap are all essential for a good serve. Although it may be challenging for a casual player to visualize every individual part while completing the serve in a moment, muscle memory will eventually eliminate the need to over think these three parts before sending the ball flying. After enough practice, these tips for improving your tennis serve will be second-nature.

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