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Tennis: How Do You Choose The Right Tennis Shoes?

Tennis can be a rigorous game of constant movement. The right pair of shoes can both protect your feet against the stresses of the exercise and improve your game. Tennis shoes aren’t like other athletic shoes; the shoes are designed for quick starts and stops. Here are some tips on how to choose the right tennis shoes.

Tennis Shoes

Because of the sport’s nature, tennis shoes are designed sturdier than other athletic footwear for an active lifestyle. Tennis shoes are flatter and more stable in design while other shoes have added cushioning to accommodate repetitive motion, especially in the heel. Tennis shoes may also have soles with different patterns for the different types of playing surfaces.

How You Play

To choose the right tennis shoes, consider how you play the game. If you tend to play laterally across the back of the court (baseline), get a shoe that supports side-to-side movement and the ankles. If you’re the type of player who likes to serve and volley or who may charge the net, get something with a reinforced toe or toecap (the toe tends to drag) and arch support.

Court Surface

The type of court surface also plays a part. Harder surfaces like concrete require a more durable sole to minimize wear and a more resilient, supportive upper shoe, usually made of leather, vinyl or some combination.

Shoes designed for clay courts usually have softer soles for better traction which minimizes damage to the softer clay surface. Multi-court shoes work for hard or soft courts.

The Best Tennis Shoes

The cushioning in good tennis shoes should be firm and stable. Polyurethane is a dense and durable cushion, but can make shoes feel heavy. EVA is a lighter material but not as durable. Look for a shoe with cushioning designed to draw moisture away from the feet.

tennis shoes and tennis ball

Get shoes that don’t feel heavy to ensure the best performance. The right tennis shoes are usually lighter, but make sure they provide good cushioning, fit and support.

Here is an overview of the upper shoe materials:

  • Canvas is the lightest and provides the best air flow in the Florida heat, but relatively little support.
  • Leather provides the best support but is more expensive.
  • Vinyl provides good support and is more affordable, but doesn’t allow airflow, making sweaty feet.

Many tennis shoes incorporate different materials for the best combination of support and ventilation.

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