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Summer Has Arrived, Making Water Consumption More Important


Florida’s simmering summers can take a toll on the unsuspecting. And the best way to prepare for a day in the summer heat is by keeping adequately hydrated. Water prevents the body from overheating.

Exercising, especially in the summer heat, generates heat. The body attempts to lower the body temperature by expelling the heat through sweating. With the evaporation of sweat, body tissues cool.

Summer has arrived

Here are some ways to make drinking water more of a habit.

  • Drink two cups of water before each meal.
  • Develop the habit of drinking a glass of water when you wake up and before going to bed.
  • Buy a special container and carry it with you
  • Add flavors to your water to make it taste better. You can add fruits or herbs or get flavored water. Strawberries, cucumbers, lemons or limes might make for some interesting tasting water. Stop by our spa to purchase the water bottle that infuses your water with fruit!
  • There’s nothing wrong with adding carbonated or sparkling water to your daily regiment, occasionally. Go with zero calories.

Summer has arrived

Here are some symptoms of dehydration:

  • Fatigue
  • Light-headedness
  • Flushed skin

Make sure you drink enough water to avoid dehydration and to maintain your summer fun. Keep up with all of the latest news from Golden Ocala by following us on Facebook and Twitter.


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