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Serena Williams Chasing History In Tennis


A lot can be said about Serena Williams’ storied career. Looking back to the start of her career when her hair beads were controversial due to them falling out  in the middle of her matches; to the time that she starred in her own television show on ABC.

And who isn’t aware of Williams’s friendship to reality TV star, Kim Kardashian West. Aside from all of this, Williams has maintained one of the most impressive tennis careers in the history of the sport.

Now at the age of 33 she is still going strong on the court! Currently, she is ranked as the number one player in the WTA and she holds 19 Grand Slam Singles Championships.


Photo Credit: Ian Gampton via Flickr

Some would argue that she is the greatest women’s tennis player that has ever played the game. With her tremendous power and foot speed and one of the best serves women’s tennis has ever seen, it’s hard to argue otherwise. But record books will be record books. Steffi Graff, her predecessor, holds 22 Grand Slams and even beyond that, Margret Court holds a staggering 24 titles. With Serena still playing some of her best tennis and no other player showing signs of overthrowing her, her chances are still strong. So stay tuned, every match she plays is history in the making. This week she’s at the French Open seeking to earn a third singles title.

Young boy having tennis lessons from an instructor

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