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Learning the Basics of Tennis: Forehand or Backhand

When the bright, sunny days are endless, what better thing to do than to pick up an outdoor hobby, right? Gardening, jogging and golfing will all get you exercise and a good tan, but not like tennis! With beautiful tennis courts here at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club, why not start brushing up on your various tennis strokes today?

Types of Tennis Strokes

As you become a great tennis player, you will begin learning some great tennis strokes, including the kick serve, the slice serve, the passing shot, the approach shot, the drop shot, the lob, the overhead and the tweener. But if you are just beginning, you should focus on learning two basic types of tennis strokes: the backhand and the forehand.

Elements of a Good Tennis Stroke

The backhand and forehand strokes in tennis are important to learn because of their efficiency, adaptability and power. These traits are the fundamentals to any good tennis stroke. An efficient tennis stroke means you hit the tennis ball over the net with the least amount of effort. Your backswing should be concise and smooth. Avoid taking unnecessary footsteps.

You can use an adaptable tennis stroke in different conditions and scenarios. Both forehands and backhands can be used in windy weather and when you’re rushing to hit a ball. A powerful tennis stroke produces high racquet head speed and causes the tennis ball to accelerate quickly.

The Backhand

The backhand occurs as players swing their tennis racquets around their bodies with the back of their hands facing in forward. The backhand may be done with one or two hands. The stroke should begin with the racquet on the side of players opposite their dominant hands.

People playing tennis at Golden Ocala.

Players’ dominant arms “pull” the stroke until their racquets make contact with the tennis ball. Players weight should shift from their hind legs to their front legs as they follow through with the stroke. Their hind legs are opposite their dominant arms. Use the backhand when you are preparing for a powerful shot.

The Forehand

The forehand involves swinging the tennis racquet across the front of players’ body with their palms facing forward. The swing should start on the same side of players’ dominant arms. This stroke can be performed with either one or two hands. Since it is the most maneuverable, this stroke is considered the easiest. Use this stroke when you need speed and flexibility.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The best way to improve your backstroke and your forehand is through practice. Contact one of Golden Ocala’s tennis professionals today at 352-402-4351 to learn how easy and fun it is. What do you think of this information? Keep up with all of the latest news from Golden Ocala by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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