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The Importance of Pressure On The Tennis Court

Written by Thiroshan Chetty, Director of Tennis

As tennis pros we watch our students compete in matches over and over again. We watch them train with us and master their technique and shot selection. Then they go to play a match and completely fall apart. I’m sure many players and fans alike can relate.

Tennis matches can put an unusual amount of pressure on a person. As the player, you’re the only one out there that can help yourself. But when everything starts to fall apart, how do you cope? How do you turn the tables? Some people thrive in these types of situations but the rest of us need a little help.


Here are a few things that can help you learn to cope with pressure on the tennis court.

  1. Set up a regular match with someone that plays a game that takes you out of your comfort zone. For example, a player that lobs everything or someone that runs everything down.  Come up with different game plans and work on executing them instead of worrying about winning the match. Keep playing your opponent until you beat them.
  2. When you start off a match, everyone is a little bit nervous. Remind yourself to watch their ball and to exhale at contact.
  3. When you play big points in matches, try to take your time between points. Go to your towel; talk with your partner for a few seconds, bounce the ball several times before you hit your serve. The more you practice this, the easier it will get during a match.


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