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How Children Benefit from Playing Tennis

Any time of the year is good for your child to enjoy playing tennis at our Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club. But during the summer, tennis for children is a great way to keep them occupied with physical activity. Instead of allowing children to watch television or play on computers all day, we recommend registering them for private lessons with our tennis professionals. Your child will like learning a new sport, and there are wonderful benefits from playing tennis on a regular basis.

Getting a Dose of Daily Sunlight

Getting outside in natural sunlight is a way for your child to increase their energy levels. The best way to ensure a child’s body is acquiring adequate vitamin D levels is by going outside several times a week. Lack of vitamin D can cause lethargy, joint pain or weight gain, but 10 to 30 minutes of sunlight on a routine basis can help to prevent these symptoms.

Increasing Coordination

Tennis for children can increase their coordination because they must walk around the court and swing a racket in a certain way in order to hit a tennis ball. In addition to eye-hand coordination, your child will increase their large motor skills.

Learning Social Skills

At the Golden Ocala Tennis Club, you and your child can socialize with others at the tennis courts by having a competitive match in singles or pairs. For a shy child, playing a sport that requires only one other person is a good way to teach friendly camaraderie.

Maintaining Body Weight

With more children developing type 2 diabetes mellitus due to their excess weight, finding a way for your child to exercise is important. Tennis is an appropriate sport for a child who is not accustomed to exercise because it does not stress the joints.

Building Confidence Levels

If your child is afraid to play rough-and-tumble contact sports, then playing tennis is a great way to develop confidence. Your child can practice tennis one-on-one with a private trainer or another child rather than a big group.

Children standing on tennis court

Increasing Body Strength

Daily exercise is one of the best ways to make sure your child has dense bone tissue and strong muscles. A child must move a lot on a tennis court in addition to jumping to hit a tennis ball with a racket. All of these activities help to increase their body strength.

Contact Our Club Today to Begin Tennis Lessons

Golden Ocala Tennis Club offers great benefits for anyone who wants to play tennis. We provide:

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Now that you know how children benefit from playing tennis, contact one of Golden Ocala’s tennis professionals today at (352) 402-4351 for more information about our tennis programs. You can keep up with all of the latest news at our club by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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