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Golden Ocala Tennis Updates

Golden Ocala’s kids tennis camp may have come to an end, but after-school programs have barely begun! There are four group levels that run two to three days per week, each taking members from the basics to shots and movement. The Fall 2020 Junior Tennis Academy runs for 15 weeks — all the way through December 16th and right before winter camp commences. Picture it — Director of Tennis T Chetty and tennis professionals Corey Forrest and Nick Sudol leading little ones, tweens and teens to serve like Serena Williams and Roger Federer by the time Santa’s sleigh makes landfall!

Pee-Wee Tennis

From ages three to six, it’s all about fundamentals. And just like you can’t spell fundamentals without FUN, these tykes are guaranteed enough excitement to release all of the sugar they consumed during lunch! They will play on a 36’ court with three tennis balls, learning basic tennis skills and hand-eye coordination via games that could making any athlete yearn to be a child again.

Pee-Wee tennis runs Monday and Wednesday, 3:15 to 4 p.m.

Mom helping son with tennis racket

10 & Under Beginner

By the time your children hit the second phase in their journey to the U.S. Open, Golden Ocala will still have plenty to keep them challenged and intrigued. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 3:30 to 4:30 pm., they separate into two groups to play on a 60’ or 78’ court. From there, it’s all about technique and starting to rally and build points. And we don’t want to get them too amped up, but there’s even next-level tennis balls in it for them!

Children standing on tennis court

Advanced 10 & Under/High Intensity

Ready or not, it’s time for the big leagues. No, it’s not Wimbledon just yet, but that doesn’t mean any less enthusiasm. This calls for strategy, court positioning, shot selection, movement and technique — all at once! This focus level runs on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 4:30 to 6 p.m. — giving your nine- to 18-year old boys and girls more than an opportunity to work up an appetite for dinner.

All after-school tennis programs are subject to daily and weekly member and nonmember rates as well as family and weekly discounts. Call the Tennis Pro Shop at (352) 402-4351 or refer to the Weekly Gazette for more information.

Introducing Jesus Rivera

If you need an even bigger reason to be part of Golden Ocala Tennis, we’ve just hired a new Tennis Maintenance Manager. Jesus Rivera will clay the courts and take responsibility for raking, lining, fungus control, irrigation and overall operations — making everything safe and clean for your entire family and groups of friends.

Before joining Golden Ocala, Jesus conducted project maintenance and quality control for All 1 Service and Chewy. With his industry expertise and attention to detail, he’s just the right man for the job!