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Double’s: Do’s and Don’ts

Written by Thiroshan Chetty, our Director of Tennis.

The Tennis club at Golden Ocala offers their members the finest clay surface courts available, Har-Tru-Grid courts. The six courts at Golden Ocala are ready for play at any time, including nights with lit courts. The tennis instructors at Golden Ocala are among the best in the game and work well with tennis players of all skill levels. Throughout the year, Golden Ocala offers designated times on the court specifically for playing doubles. Doubles are a great way to play with tennis players ranging in all skill levels. Doubles can be both exciting and frustrating at times. Below are some of the Do’s and Dont’s of Double’s.


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The Do’s and Don’ts

Do – Compliment your partner. Whether or not your partner misses an easy volley or executes a perfect lob, you and your partner should encourage one another. High five and pump each other up for the next point. If you are both motivating each other you both will play better and have more fun.

Don’t – Tell your partner why they missed a particular shot. Trust me, they already know and are disappointed with themselves. There’s no need to make them feel worse than they already do. Remember, nobody makes mistakes on purpose.

Do – Talk strategy with your partner. If your opponents are lobbing everything and are winning most of the points, it’s time to make an adjustment. The perfect time for this is during a change over. Brainstorm different ideas with each other about what adjustments need to be made. Most importantly, be sure to work together to solve the problem.

Don’t – Ignore your partner’s advice and remain in your comfort zone. Discuss different ways you and your partner can expose each other’s strength and exploit your opponent’s weaknesses. This will help push you beyond your boundaries and make you a better player.

Do – Continue to attack at the net when given the opportunity. Despite missing that overhead twice in a row, when you get it the third time, you still need to go after it. If it’s your partner that’s missing their shots, encourage them to do the same. The only way to consistently end points in doubles is at the net. If you let that overhead drop, you better be prepared to not miss ever.

Do – Make sure you and your partner are having fun! Win or lose, that’s why you’re out there, that’s why you’re playing the game.

Whether you are a beginner or you have been playing tennis for years, Golden Ocala has a tennis program perfect for all ages and skill levels. For more information about our tennis programs visit our tennis blog or contact me at 352-402-4351.