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The DNA of Your Tennis Game


Deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA for short, is not just our genetics but the basis of our tennis game. So what is DNA? In tennis, DNA can be thought of in terms of defense, neutrality and attack. Armed with these distinctive elements, you should have little trouble approaching your next match in the best possible frame of mind.

DNA of Tennis Game

A good defense is instrumental in moving through crisis situations. Throughout the match, keep in mind that anything can happen. Stay on your guard, and make sure to never underestimate your opponent. Even when it seems like you are outmatched, remember that the game could turn around in an instant, and remain vigilant so that you don’t miss the opportunity to earn a point.

Neutrality is the creativity phase of the match. You need to stay consistent while looking for a ball to control. If you’re staying defensive and preventing your opponent from scoring, that is only half the battle—of course, in order to win the match, you must also earn a point. Continue looking for opportunities to score and keep your defense up until an opportunity has presented itself.

The last phase of the point is the attacking phase. Once you take control of the ball, look to command and conclude the point. In order to score, you must strike when the time is right and your opponent’s defenses are down. The best way to score well in a tennis match is to understand your tennis game DNA.

How do you approach a tennis match, and how do you think your mindset affects the outcome of the game? Let us know in the comments below. If you want to schedule a tennis lesson, make sure to contact our tennis pros today!

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