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Choosing the Best Tennis Apparel Will Make You Look Good and Play Well

You got the rules down. Your game is decent, and your opponent on the tennis court is a good match for your skills. The weather is fine, and, as you prepare to make the first serve, you hear the giggling and you see the players on the other courts pointing at you. As you stand there in your dungarees and Flashdance leotards, you wonder: What’s the problem? Need we say that your tennis apparel is sorely lacking?

Finding the proper tennis apparel is important for both comfort and looking good on the court. How do you choose the best tennis apparel so you don’t look like you’re recreating a black-and-white scene from a bad tennis movie from the 1920s?

Here are some easy steps from eBay that will help you play well and look good on any one of Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club’s six Har-Tru Hydro-Grid® Courts, all lit for night play.

  • Tennis apparel must be sturdy and comfortable for a game that requires lots of movement. Tennis clothes should look good and fabric should be breathable.
  • Most players wear two pieces of clothing typically made of synthetic fabric. The bottom and top pieces are usually different; skirts are generally popular with women. (Men wear shorts.) Tennis apparel comes in a variety of colors that enable players to mix and match to create their own coordinated styles.
  • Tops are usually made of light-weight fabric to help keep players cool. Short-sleeve tops – popular with both men and women – allow for greater movement during games. Some players prefer tank tops especially in warmer climates like Central Florida’s. Meshed tops help in hot weather.
  • Shorts or skirts are typically made of polyester or spandex for their breathable quality and have pockets to hold tennis balls. Some skirts have built-in shorts.
  • Shoes should fit comfortably to allow for plenty of movement. Shoes should be lightweight with sturdy soles and toecaps for additional protection.
  • Other paraphernalia for the avid player are the headbands, caps and watches. To lug around your prized gear, tennis bags are necessary, especially for protecting rackets. Make sure bags are large enough to carry all of your gear.

Men playing tennis while wearing appropriate tennis apparel

We at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club have all the equipment you will need for a great game and to look good playing it. Our facilities include:

  • Private tennis lessons with our tennis professionals.
  • Youth tennis programs.
  • Champion tennis leagues.
  • Tennis Pro Shop offering the latest in tennis fashion.
  • Custom racket stringing.

Contact one of Golden Ocala’s tennis professionals today at 352-402-4351.

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