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Cardio Tennis

Newest Fitness Game in Town

At Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club, we’re always searching for ways to make fitness more fun for members. And this time, the tennis team wants in on the action. That’s why T Chetty and his colleagues have added Cardio Tennis to their clinic schedule. It’s an exhilarating cardiovascular workout and group activity that includes high-energy drills and games for players of all abilities. Right now, Golden Ocala has two Cardio Tennis time slots, as well as a Cardio Clinics package. But before you commit, do find out what all the buzz is about!


Warmups & Drills

Everyone has heard of warmups and drills, but in the world of Cardio Tennis, those terms are very specific to make for the ultimate in-shape and tennis-skills-improvement experience. A warmup includes a five-minute stretch session, geared toward the whole body, as well as an occasional two-minute yoga session, depending on the turnout for the clinic itself.

Meanwhile, the drills focus on a transition from the baseline to the net and vice versa. And since Cardio Tennis means nonstop movement, our members get to work on all shots, such as forehands, backhands, volleys and serves. As members wait in line, they try footwork stations, especially those that prepare players for their shots. For example, a three-cone drill calls for moving in between cones before hitting the ball.

Following the drills, members take part in point play to keep their feet moving, rather than waiting at the fence and running the risk of their heart rate entering a state of complete relaxation. They play one or two points and rotate out.


Defining High Intensity

Many workouts are deemed to be high-intensity conditioning, but Cardio Tennis is one that truly defines a phrase that is so meaningful to individuals who are passionate about fitness and tennis. Even when your heart is at rest during Cardio Tennis, it is still 25% above normal. But the most rewarding aspect of Cardio Tennis is interval training. It goes through low and high points more frequently than most other workouts, including running on a treadmill.

But do not doubt the elements of fun in Cardio Tennis. Music takes members’ minds off winning and losing points, and thanks to Golden Ocala’s modification of the exercise, it includes more point play than footwork drills. Our version of point play includes less feedback and attention to strategy, court position and technique, keeping even more Cardio Tennis enjoyment intact.


Want to Play?Tennis at Golden Ocala

Cardio Tennis came to Golden Ocala, based on member demand. And that demand is not decreasing any time soon. That’s why we’re only accepting RSVP spots. So, if you’re interested, contact the Pro Shop — (352) 402-4351 or tchetty@goldenocala.com. Cardio Tennis clinics run every Wednesday at 6 p.m. and every Saturday at 10 a.m. Members can pay $15 each time they participate, or they can purchase a five-clinic package for $60, thereby getting the last clinic in their package for free.

We look most forward to seeing you on our courts!