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Thirty-Minute Workout Produces More Weight Loss: Study

By Jeffrey T. Spaeth, LMT, CPT

A recent study at the University of Copenhagen Denmark has shown that “30 minutes of daily exercise provides as much benefit in terms of weight loss and body mass improvements as sixty minutes.”

This study involved 60 overweight men. Half of them worked out for an hour and the other half worked out for 30 minutes. The groups produced a light sweat and were asked to increase intensity three times a week.

The result was that “the 30-minute participants lost an average of almost eight pounds, and the men who worked out for an hour lost only an average of fewer than six pounds.”

Woman working out at a gym

The men who work out for 30 minutes burned more calories than their 60-minute counterparts. A 30-minute workout should consist of both resistance and cardiovascular exercises with little or no rest in between sets. It’s best to combine upper and lower body exercises in order to burn the most calories.

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