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The Right Shoes Will Make Your Tennis in Ocala Well Worth the Investment

You bounce around the tennis court at a fevered pace – heels slamming onto a hard surface, your ankles striving to keep your body level and upright, and the balls of your feet heaving capricious legs in wild directions. While the thrill of the game may excite, your feet may be on the verge of going on strike to protest unfair working conditions and low wages.

To accommodate the pair of appendages to your legs and to avert further complaints and threats, you agree to buy some new shoes. After all, tennis in Ocala would hardly be possible if your feet decide not to cooperate any further.

What are the best shoes for tennis and what the best for your particular physique?

Here is some help from Pro Tennis:

  • What type of feet do you have? Do your feet pronate, supinate or roll normally? Look at the wear on your old shoes to determine how your feet move. Excessive wear on the inside area of your shoe at the back indicates you pronate, which means your ankle rolls more than usual. Wear on the outside area indicates you supinate, the opposite condition. Different shoes accommodate different foot movements. Also, examine your arch height. High arches mean your feet supine: Get good cushioning. Low arches mean your feet pronate or roll excessively: Get shoes that control your feet’s motion.
  • Make sure the shoes fit comfortably. Your shoes shouldn’t be too tight or have too much room. Wrong-sized shoes can cause all sorts of problems with your joints and cause your feet to get fatigued easier. Good tennis shoes should feel like the perfect fit.
  • What type of tennis playing are you doing? Baseline players should get shoes with more lateral support, extra cushioning and strong soles. Serve-and-volley players need shoes with reinforced toe caps and soles.
  • What type of court surface? Durable shoes with reinforced uppers are best for concrete courts to deal with the additional wear. Shoes with clay courts should have better traction.
  • Deciding on shoe materials should be linked to your playing style. EVA or PU midsoles are lightweight and durable. Most uppers are made of very durable leather or synthetic material. Vamps should be breathable and flexible. The outsole undergoes the most wear so very durable material is the best bet. The heel counter should be situated to avoid rubbing on the foot. Toecaps should be reinforced to prevent toe drag. Toe guards are best made with a hard rubber material.

doubles game of tennis in Ocala

Golden Ocala Has The Best Tennis Facilities

We at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club have the best equipment and excellent training to help you with your game that would even make your feet proud. Our facilities include:

  • Six Har-Tru Hydro-Grid® Courts, all lit for night play.
  • Private tennis lessons with our tennis professionals.
  • Youth tennis programs.
  • Champion tennis leagues.
  • Tennis Pro Shop offering the latest in tennis fashion.
  • Custom racket stringing.

Contact one of Golden Ocala’s tennis professionals today at 352-402-4351.

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