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Golden Ocala Explores the Future of Golf

You played your last hole on Earth. You sent your last shot sailing 205 yards down the green (the upper-range distance for the average recreational golfer).

You’ve packed your clubs and you’re heading to that new and wildly exotic golf course where the developers guarantee you can send your next ball sailing for miles. The entire course blankets thousands of square miles of the moon’s 14.6 million square miles.

Will we one day be able to play golf on the moon? What is the future of the game? Will we in the future be able to pack our clubs and play a game on Jupiter or Mars (the planets)?

The answer to that last question is: Maybe. It depends on how strong you are. If you weigh 200 pounds on Earth, you’ll weigh well over 500 pounds on Jupiter, which means swinging that club might feel like swinging a sledge hammer. And that 1.6 ounce golf ball will weigh nearly 4 ounces – the weight of an apple on Earth. That might make for some messy ball-shattering games and very short greens.

On the moon, however, your golf ball will weigh about the same as a penny would on Earth and fly like a bullet, which means you might need GPS tracking to find your ball somewhere over the horizon. (On Mars, the average shot would go about 800 yards.)

We at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club don’t plan on making interplanetary trips any time soon, but we are interested in exploring the future of the game.

The Golf Channel makes some predictions for golf in 2045:

  • Phil Mickelson, 74, and Tiger Woods, 69, hit the ceremonial tee shots at the Masters. (Woods will be recovering from back surgery.)
  • Sergio Garcia, 65, wins his 174th Open Championship at Trump National St. Andrews to become the oldest player to win a major.
  • Jordan Spieth, 52, Rory Mcllroy, 56, and Jason Day, 57, compete in the Charles Schwab Cup.
  • As its captain, Patrick Reed takes the U.S. Ryder Cup team to its 10th consecutive victory, leading to the creation of the fourth European task force led by Ian Poulter. (Poulter publishes his seventh autobiography.)
  • The PGA Tour holds a championship in Antarctica. (The moon is still a few years off.)
  • The driving distance for the leader of the PGA Tour averages 447 yards.
  • The average golf course length is more than 10,000 yards.
  • The LPGA lowers its minimum age limit to 11. Lucy Li is now 43.

Golf being played on the sunny, green Earth!

Back to the past – 2016. In the present tense, when you’re not imagining a futuristic world of interplanetary golfing excursions, you can enjoy Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club’s 18-hole championship course designed by Ron Garl. The course recreates tribute holes from the some of the world’s finest courses including Augusta, Royal Troon, Baltusrol, Muirfield and St. Andrews.

Come and experience the sport of golf at its finest. Keep up with all of the latest news from Golden Ocala by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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