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Discover How to Build Muscle and About Working Out in Ocala

It’s almost oxymoronic, building muscles by tearing them down and apart. But that is, physiologically, the process of building muscle. Delving deep into the science of muscle reveals how the soft tissue that makes motion possible essentially self-destructs – at least in part – to become bigger, better and stronger.

Lift heavier weights; do more repetitions; work harder, faster; sweat more; breathe heavier. What happens? You get stronger after your muscles heal themselves and make better versions after a period of recuperating. We’re talking about getting strong and healthy – specifically, we’re discussing building muscle and working out in Ocala.

While we at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club’s Fitness Center utilize the world’s finest and most efficient exercise equipment in the world with the help of expert trainers, we’re moving our focus deep into the fibers of muscle building.

Following a vigorous workout or exercise routine, your muscles begin the repair process by fusing together fibers to create new myofibrils (muscle protein), according to BuiltLean®. The newly repaired myofibrils are thicker and increase in number to create hypertrophy, which is muscle growth.

Muscle growth happens when protein synthesis surpasses the rate of protein breakdown, which occurs during rest. The concept of adding muscles to cells gets complicated. Certain cells, activated during workouts, add nuclei, a type of protoplasm, to muscles, which produce myofibrils growth.

lifting a dumbbell while working out in Ocala.

Muscles grow in three ways:

  • Muscles have to undergo stress in increasingly greater loads. How? By lifting heavier weights.
  • Muscles have to be damaged. Sore muscles – an indication of damage – release inflammatory molecules that cause the protoplasm to begin working. But sore muscles following a workout aren’t always the best indication of an effective routine. There’s a strange balance.
  • Metabolic stress is the “burn” of a particular exercise. This stress produces swelling around muscles which increases cell size caused by added glycogen. This type of muscle growth, called sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, is the most effective way to build larger muscles.

Giving muscles proper rest to recuperate might be the most important step in the exercise process. Muscle protein metabolism following resistance exercise generally takes at least 24 hours to complete.

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Our trainers at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club’s Fitness Center are experts in developing exercise routines that fit your goals and objectives. Stop by the Fitness Center, or call us at 352-402-4350, and get started on building some muscles today!

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