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Leslie Lee’s Watersport Offerings

Testing the Waters at Golden Ocala

As the temperature continues to rise in Marion County, members of Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club may make their way to the recently renovated pool. There, Leslie Lee, the community’s new aquatics instructor, is conducting several fun, structured programs designed to help people learn and progress their water skills at their own rate.

With multiple relevant certifications, experience as a swim coach and personal aquatics trainer, and a lifelong connection to the water that led others to refer to her as a fish or mermaid, Leslie is ready to encourage and support members in reaching their goals and falling in love with the water. Whether it’s facilitating family bonding memories, improving one’s mobility in the water or helping her students overcome any fears they may have when approaching the pool, Leslie is here to obtain enormously quick results in a positive way.


Jumping Right In

Leslie’s extensive itinerary includes swim lessons, such as introducing children to water via games and play (Kid Splash Class) and technique improvement; water safety, such as helping members overcome traumatic water experiences; and aquatic fitness or water aerobics, such as custom workouts and overall cardio water-resistant workouts to tone, build muscle strength and improve stamina.

Each of these programs have one key component in common — laughter. Learning and working out in the water can be enjoyable. For example, swimming is an activity that members can benefit from at any age and one that will further contribute to a baby’s development. Leslie’s motto? You are never too old to learn how to swim or enjoy the water. Furthermore, aquatic activities of any kind improve health and quality of life through confidence, pride and perseverance, as well as exhaustion prevention and improved endurance by way of improved water efficiency.


Safe Swimming

Just like any good teacher, Leslie has best practices that everyone can apply beyond the “classroom.” These could save your life and reduce panic:

  • Never run or horseplay around the pool
  • Never dive in a pool headfirst — you may injure yourself
  • If you hear thunder or see lightning, wait at least 20 minutes from the time of the last roll of thunder to reenter the pool
  • Remain in a horizontal position while swimming
  • Never reach into the pool to retrieve something
  • Never swim alone, regardless of your age – at least one adult or additional adult should be present
  • Life vest/life jackets should be worn on water vessels — check the weight and size before boarding


Are You Ready?

So, grab your swimsuits and call Golden Ocala at (352) 629-6229 to inquire about pricing, scheduling and meeting the one, the only Leslie Lee!