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Technology-Weaved Amenities at Golden Ocala

Technology-Weaved Amenities

Bill Gates once said, “We’re changing the world with technology.” And here at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club, tennis and golf are the center of the universe, as well as two sectors where technology matters most. So, perhaps the billionaire didn’t score a 1590 on his SATs for nothing.

Every day, Thiroshan “T” Chetty and Ryan Gray, directors of tennis and golf respectively, as well as their accompanying teams of professionals, weave technology into the way they perfect members’ game and prepare them for curve balls (no pun intended) that may be encountered during clinics or tournaments. This means utilizing video technology to its fullest advantage and constantly keeping players on their toes.


Techy Tennis

Golden Ocala tennis instructors currently have cardio sessions, league matches, clinics and events in place through the month of December. But it’s the ability to correct mistakes and bad habits picked up by members that make our tennis program all that it is and will be.

Upon member request, T and his staff can video record your strokes and dissect them via step-by-step corrections that go far beyond what the naked eye can see. Stroke analysis puts problems into perspective, allowing players to compare their strokes to those of tennis professionals. After years of bad habits are identified, these professionals can offer long-term solutions that can be applied at Golden Ocala or anywhere, for that matter. Keep in mind, this video analysis can be done during or after a regularly scheduled tennis lesson. All professionals need are an iPad or iPhone and a detailed explanation of each level of analysis.


New Tech Amenities

In the coming months, Golden Ocala Tennis will be embracing even more technology when we switch to an online system. There, members can book their court and register other members and guests for play. Notice boards and event calendars will also be apparent on this system, and registration links for these events will be easily accessible. Stay tuned …

And a few months ago, Golden Ocala introduced the member-friendly Playmate Ball Machine to enhance one’s game or get a quality cardio workout. Individuals or groups can select their player level and shots and even create entire drills for realistic point play. This includes side to side, lobs and overheads, volleys and half volleys, and player versus machine. Now, members can sync their iPad or iPhone with the ball machine to customize drills and save them for future use. It’s as simple as downloading an app called “likemydrill” for $0.99. Right now, this app is only compatible with Apple devices.

For more information on any of the above, call the Tennis Pro Shop at (352) 402-4351.


Golf Gizmos

Golden Ocala Golf is certainly not left out of the amenity technology conversation, either. Just like on any PGA Tour, Ryan and his staff utilize TrackMan to provide instant feedback to members, as well as apply data to club fitting and instruction.

If you are unfamiliar with TrackMan, here is a brief overview: a series of products, including groundbreaking club and ball tracking golf radar systems, as well as performance-enhancement software. Considered to be the most revolutionary training tool in the industry, it tracks the full trajectory of any shot from six-foot pitches to 400-yard drives, pinpointing the landing position in less than one foot at 100 yards. TrackMan also displays the shot’s three-dimensional trajectory together with 26 impact and ball-flight parameters in real time.

In short, these products take note of the smash factor, spin rate, launch angle, carry, ball speed, club speed, dynamic loft, attack angle, club path and face angle. Basically, what can this thing not do?

And just like in tennis, Golden Ocala golf pros use video technology during lessons. They email these videos to student members with lines drawn and voiceovers that offer a critical analysis of one’s game. This video analysis is power by Hudl, a leading software company that offers tools that 4.3 million unique users incorporate into their daily lives. Not only can you edit and share videos, but one can interact with stats and create quality highlight reels, as well as create undeniable access to video analytical technology no matter where the game of golf takes you.

For more information, call the Golf Pro Shop at (352) 402-4345.


We hope that this technology intrigues you as much as it did us. Our staff profoundly believes that technology can only be used to its fullest extent if you understand the highest points of each innovative product available. It is our hope that you will let Golden Ocala help you do just that.