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Stand Out In The Crowd

By Janet Fetterman, Broker Associate, CAM

In sales, we are taught to develop a USP- Unique Selling Proposition for our brand or product. This concept also works when you are selling your home. Typically, when agents are showing potential buyers homes they will show more than one home on a tour outing. It is important that your home has its own USP. Here is how you can stand out in the crowd.


Finding your homes USP will help you stand out in the crowd.

Finding the USP in a New Home

When I’m working with a buyer I always make sure the Buyer has a copy of the MLS Listing sheet. I encourage them to take notes of what they like and don’t like about the house we are touring. I also look for the home’s USP- in other words, what is unique about it. When I think I have found the USP I ask the Buyer about it, for example, “How do you like how this floor plan flows for entertaining?”  I do this to find out if this is what is standing out in their mind. I want to create an anchor in the Buyer’s mind to help them remember this house. At the end of the day, when we discuss the homes we toured, I can help them remember the home by reminding them it was the house with the great floor plan flow.

Asking the Right Questions

As we tour the home I also ask engaging questions, such as: “Can you see your grand piano in this living room?” or “How does this space size feel to you?” or  “Is it big enough- or small or enough?”, depending on their desires. I believe as a sales professional, it is my job to be the sounding board to help facilitate the Buyer’s decision. I never want to influence their decision. I do want to help them sort through all the information coming at them quickly in a condensed tour visit. By asking these open ended questions, I can also determine the hierarchy of the needs and desires of the Buyer so I can assess if a home is a good fit.

Finding the USP in Your Home

If you are preparing your home for sale, you need to think about what makes your home special and be sure to capitalize on the USP in the staging process. Over the two decades I have been selling homes, I have discovered most often the reasons and features that caused you to buy the home are probably the same reasons a Buyer will consider it. So when I list your home I want to know what those reasons were. It will help me profile your home’s next Buyer.

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