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Selecting the right Car Wash for your vehicle

Keeping your vehicle shiny and looking good on the road can be a challenge during peak seasons of the year especially when the pollen count is high, birds are busy or in Florida during the bi-annual lovebug season. And there are many tricks to the trade when it comes to car washing.

Man polishing his hood

Those who prefer the DIY (do-it-yourself) car wash typically have a particular routine they’ve perfected over the years. Washing the car is serious business for this group and is a part of their list of weekly chores. You will not see their car on the road unless it sparkles.

Pollen season means no matter what color the vehicle, it will take on a light yellow tint for several days until this busy driver can find time to run through a car wash or delegate the chore to the kids. A trick for some is to avoid parking under trees. And it seems as soon as the car is clean again, it gets dirty just as quick so what was the use?

Oh, don’t forget about the group waiting for the next rainy day to let the car get an effortless car wash! Yes, this group plots when to leave the car out of the garage to help speed the washing process during a good downpour.


Others prefer to let the professionals handle the dirty work, so to speak, to make sure their vehicle gets that special touch inside and out every week. It’s less work and time out of the owner’s busy schedule. The cost is a great investment for not breaking a sweat and the joy of driving a car that’s clean on the inside and out.

Car washing is just one of the many amenities offered at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club with reservations preferred. The cost of a car wash varies based on the size of the vehicle and can take between 30 minutes to 45 minutes to complete. Members can call 352-629-6229 to reserve time for a car wash.