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Progress Update on Eagles Landing – Week of 3/30/14

We are excited to share with you the latest progress on Eagles Landing. Here’s what’s been going on lately with our newest residential community, which includes both villas and townhomes starting in the $250Ks.


Progress for the Villas

This week, Boutwell Contracting & Development is working on completing the “rough in” for the home on Lot 15. A “rough in” is when they lay out the basic mechanical, electric, and plumbing lines in the walls and attic without making the final connections. This is done before the coverings – the walls, floors, and ceilings – are added.

For the home on Lot 13, Boutwell plans to complete the roofing underlayment and rough trades next week. They have finished the interior drywall for the home on Lot 14 and next week, they will add the stucco and exterior doors to this home.

Pictured from Right to Left: Lot 15, Lot 13, Lot 14

Pictured from Right to Left: Lot 15, Lot 13, Lot 14

Progress for the Townhomes

The roof is complete on Building A and now Tallen is concentrating on the interior walls for the next couple of weeks. Fire walls are one of the main things they are working on this week, starting with the fire walls for the attic.

The goal next week is to grade and complete curbing in the interior loop of the townhomes, as well as get the exterior road primed and ready for asphalt.

Come check out our newest residential community and reserve your home today! Each home at Eagles Landing features views of the lake or woods and can be customized to match your taste, from interior design to various other upgrades. Check back soon for more Eagles Landing progress updates!