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Pet (NOT) Friendly Home Tours

By Janet Fetterman, Broker Associate, CAM

If ever there were a pet-friendly community, it is Golden Ocala. The Hounds of Golden Ocala adorn the walls of our Clubhouse, the Spa and our model homes. The Hounds are our “Signature Whimsy” in a stately and grand atmosphere. The Hounds bring a smile to our faces and that warm fuzzy feeling in our hearts when we find our beloved pet portrayed in an oil picture hanging on a wall or over a mantle. When touring newcomers at Golden Ocala, The Hounds are one of the most frequently noted topics. The wall of Hounds wearing uniforms that are adorned with medals, located in the Governor’s Room, is always sure to bring a chuckle and I must admit it is a favorite wall of mine as well.

The Hounds at Golden Ocala

Dogs Have a Job to Do

Those who know me will attest that I love dogs. Dogs are my favorite creature. Dogs actually know this and they seem to like me in return. Even though I have no fear of dogs, I do respect them and their territory. A dog is a pack animal and they have a job to do, and that job is to protect their pack and their territory.

The sweetest and most loving dog can become a different beast when you aren’t home. When Agents are showing your home, they are invading the dog’s turf and it is the nature of the dog to growl, snap, bark and maybe even bite to protect his/her space.

Close up of dog in case - resized

A True Story

I listed a Pennsylvania home a long time ago, where the couple was going through a divorce. The Doberman Pincher remained with the wife. This dog was a security school trained dropout. He knew and responded only to commands in German, but he didn’t make the final cut for that line of work. He was also a love bug. When I listed the house, I was assured that the dog would not be present during showings. We joked about all the area Pennsylvania Dutch folks who spoke German who could communicate with the magnificent Pincher and even though I have a German name, I can’t speak the language.

There was a scheduled showing one winter day and the wife arrived at the house behind the agent and Buyer by only a few minutes. She normally would have had the dog out of the house and in the car with her during the showings, but winter driving caused her a delay. The dog was antsy when the Agent arrived and initially, he was just leery of the intruders. When the wife arrived, the Buyer took a few steps towards her to shake hands and that was the dog’s tipping point. He cleared the doggy gate and bit the Buyer! Fortunately, the dog obeyed when the owner gave him the German command to release.

To make a long story short, the Buyer ended up needing stitches and everyone involved was a nervous wreck. But, this story has a happy ending – the Buyer wasn’t too traumatized and he bought the house! Those were the days when dogs didn’t end up with animal control taking them away to quarantine or even worse, to be euthanized. This dog was merely doing his job as Alpha, protecting his pack member – the wife.

Dogs Don’t Belong at Home Showings

Today, it is a different climate and you can’t take the chance that a bite-victim would be so understanding. When you leave your dog in your home during a showing, not only do you put Agents and Buyers in peril, but also you put your dog at risk because they may have to suffer the most serious of consequences for just doing their job, and pay for it possibly with their life.

Please make every effort to remove your dog from your home in advance of a showing. Even if caged, the dog is normally quite a distraction and the barking takes Buyers’ attention away from the tour and your home.

We love dogs at Golden Ocala and we want only the best for them and for you. If you are considering buying or selling, give our Sales Center a call at: 352-369-6969. We are open 7 days a week and we are here to service all your real estate needs.