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Luxury Gated Communities Come In a Variety of Forms

Grand estates standing ever sentinel, soft blowing wind rushing about, smart streets studiously maintaining tranquility. This is poetic life tucked almost mischievously in America’s luxury gated communities.

We at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club understand the depth of elegance and sophistication fine living plays. Our beautiful neighborhoods present luxury living on a grand scale, blanketed across 1,300 acres of the Sunshine State’s sweetest terrain. Rolling green, Old Florida charm, the architectural romance of this sprawling display of the good life.

But not all gated communities are made equal – at least, equally fantastic.

Gated Communities Come in All Makes and Personalities

Here are some unusual gated communities tailored to a specific clientele, according to Market Watch.

  • ShantiNiketan opened its gates in 2010. It is designed for aging Indian-Americans.
  • Oakmont Senior Living opened a community for gays and lesbians.
  • NoHo Senior Artists Community is for writers, actors and artists. “The arts classes and programs can culminate in a performance or publishing or creating a film,” said Tim Carpenter, founder and executive director of EngAGE, a nonprofit. “We want people to achieve a goal.”
  • Lake Weir Living is a small gated community for seniors who like to play with toys.
  • Escapees CARE is a community, ironically, for those who take to the highway in their RVs. “We like to not be tied down to one place, so we’ve created a program here where you can come in on a month-to-month basis if you want,” said Russ Johnson, the facilities director.
  • Nalcrest is a community for retired postal workers. “Before the strike of 1970, wages for letter carriers were very low; in New York City some of us were even on food assistance,” said Tom Young, who handles operations for Nalcrest.
  • Lasell Village is a retirement community on the campus of Lasell College in Newton, Massachusetts. The requirement for living in the village: You got to take college classes. “Each of our 16 buildings has a classroom,” says Paula Panchuck, the vice president of the village.
  • Glacier Circle Community Association is a small community for (how shall we put it?) retired people who lean more toward the free-living ways of the hippie lifestyle. Each member of the community has an equal say in all decisions and the community has a lot of common space similar to a commune.

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Now we want to tell you about our most favorite and most luxurious gated community in the whole world. You guessed it: Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club with its ten unique neighborhoods, each designed with distinctive options to suit your individual – even peculiar – desires. This is exquisite living; you choose your luxury. Our exceptional builders use superior materials to construct your dream. Call us today at 352-369-6969.

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