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Listing a Home for Sale By Agent or By Owner?

Should you list a home for sale by owner or via a real estate agent? The average person will go through the home buying and selling process at least two times in their lifetime. Should we go it alone?

It’s easier than you think. Time and money are the key elements in determining the steps in which you should take while putting your home on the market. Money contributes a lot to cost savings, the sellers’ asking price and the buyers’ budget. But time can make up for the majority of these up front concerns.

Listing a Home for Sale By Agent or By Owner?

Saving Money with Time

Let’s put it into perspective. The time and energy it would take to update yourself on the real estate market and law would in itself justify not taking the by-owner approach. A seller would have to stage the home, communicate with potential buyers and know what services are the best when hiring a company to perform pre-purchase examinations such as home inspections. Below are just a few time and money saving items that will help you in making the appropriate decision:

Access to qualified buyers

Part of the home selling process consists of making sure that you are utilizing your time wisely by showing your home to well qualified buyers. Agents pre-screen potential buyers to make sure they can afford the home before ever taking the time to show the home.

The emotional connection

Buying and selling a home can be a very emotional experience. Sellers sometime place high values on their homes due to the time and effort they have devoted to their home. Agents must take a realist approach by tagging the home with the appropriate fair market price. This approach allows the agent to price the home right and connect with the potential buyer. Once the agent has built trust in the price of the home they can focus their efforts on providing the vision and value of the home by showcasing the lifestyle it could offer the buyer.

Listing a Home for Sale By Agent or By Owner?

Market analysis

A seller’s familiarity with the real estate market doesn’t typically occur until he or she have decided to put their home on the market. This means that sellers are unaware of the changes, timing and anticipations the real estate market holds. Realtors® are the producers of the market data and understand the many facets of supply and demand when it comes to buying and selling a home. Experience in this area greatly affects the overall outcome.

The benefits of listing a home with a real estate agent are tenfold. The by owner approach is still a very common practice today but the end results are immeasurable. A milestone such as buying and selling a home should definitely be placed in the hands of a reputable real estate professional.

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