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Keeping Your Home Sweet and Safe

Written by Liliana Duque, Housekeeping Director.

Golden Ocala has an array of real estate options to fit all the unique lifestyles of our members. If you are looking to live on a championship golf course, in a gated community, or even at a place where you can raise horses on property, Golden Ocala has a luxury home for you. With this, we also want our residents to live safely and securely. Below we have some safety precautions for keeping your home sweet and safe.

Electrical Cords and Outlets

If any electrical cords and outlets are not properly placed or they are not in the correct condition, your home can be a huge safety hazard. It is best to inspect all electrical cords in your home to make sure they are not frayed. If they are, you should repair or replace them right away. It’s also a smart idea to check the path in which your electrical cords lay. No cord should lay across doorways or underneath rugs.

In addition, check your outlets for radiating heat. If you detect any heat, call an electrician right away. If you have small children in your home, be sure to place plastic safety covers over all unused outlets. Finally, do not overload your outlets. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions for plugs and never have more than one high-wattage appliance plugged into a single outlet.


Make sure all electrical cords are safely organized.

Home Heating

Another safety procedure is checking your home’s heating system. Examine all of your outside vents. These vents should be sealed and clear of any obstructions to prevent carbon monoxide buildup in your home. For anyone living up north, be sure to always check outside vents after a snowstorm. If you have a fireplace or wood stove, stock up on dry seasoned wood. This wood burns without producing a large amount of creosote. A buildup of creosote, or soot, can be very dangerous and can lead to chimney fires. It is suggested to hire a chimney sweeper annually to inspect your chimney and to clean out the creosote buildup. It is also suggested to have your wood-burning stoves inspected twice a month and your water heaters inspected annually. Be sure to keep your water heaters set no higher than 120 degrees to prevent burns. Also, keep all combustibles and flammable materials away from water heaters and never leave children alone near them.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Every home should have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. They should be placed on every floor, making sure to cover all sleeping areas. Be sure to test all alarms monthly and to replace any alarms that do not work correctly. Alarm batteries should be replaced annually and the alarms themselves should be replaced every 10 years. Post the fire department’s carbon-monoxide-reporting emergency number by every phone in your home. It is also good to demonstrate the sounds of each detector to all family members so they know what each alarm sounds like.


Replace all alarm batteries annually.

We hope the above recommended precautions help make your house a safer home for you and your family. For more information about Golden Ocala living, visit our Real Estate Blog.