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Keeping Your Home Sweet and Safe – Part Two

Written by Liliana Duque, Housekeeping Director.

As discussed in our previous home safety blog, Golden Ocala has a variety of real estate perfect for all of our members’ unique lifestyles. From homes on our championship golf course to properties you can raise your horses, all of our luxury homes are located in our gated community. We continuously strive to provide the best for our members and would like to continue our discussion on home safety. Below are some more safety precautions for keeping your home safe.

House fires effect thousands each year and are detrimental to families and their communities. Following the safety precautions below could prevent your home from becoming one of these tragedies.

Inspecting Your Home

Having a professional inspect your electrical wiring, gas, plumbing and air conditioning will ensure your home is free of any dangerous appliances or wiring. Also, be sure all electrical cords are properly placed and use your outlets as directed. See our last safety blog for more information on electrical cord and outlet safety.

Placing Your Fire Extinguisher

To help with fire safety, you will want to place your fire extinguishers strategically around your house.  It is recommended to have one in your kitchen and one on all floors in your home. You will also want to learn how to use them. Practice with your family so if one is ever needed, everyone in the house will know how to use it.

Fire Extinguisher

It is recommended to place a fire extinguisher on all floors of your home.

Replace Your Extinguishers

You will need to evaluate all fire extinguishers around your home and replace any extinguishers when necessary. Follow the suggested date from the manufacturer which should be located on the device. Be sure to replace any extinguishers that appear to be damaged, even if it is before the recommended date.

Sprinkler Systems

If you are worried you will not be able to get a fire out quickly or if you are not in your home much, consider installing a sprinkler system. Sprinkler systems are automatic and will ensure action against fire even when you are not home.


Consider installing a sprinkler system.

Again, I hope the above fire safety precautions help make your house safer for you and your family. For more information about Golden Ocala living, visit our Real Estate Blog.