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Golden Ocala Offers Housekeeping Services For Its Luxury Homes

In 1938, a life of luxury included air conditioning, maybe: “Yep, we got it made, honey, with this marvelous technological wonder.” Builders began installing air conditioning in luxury homes some 85 years ago. Today, however, luxury living has become something far greater.

We at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club specialize in luxury, defined as the state of great comfort and extravagant living. Luxury – sumptuousness, grandeur, magnificence, splendor and lavishness – is the fabric woven through life at Golden Ocala. Our luxury homes express a sense of opulent living: stately, strong, noble and elegant.

Your lifestyle wouldn’t be complete without Golden Ocala’s premier Housekeeping Services. Our fastidious and hard-working attendants put the polish, the shine and the sparkle back into your luxury home so that you can spend your time enjoying the Golden Ocala lifestyle.

You’ve worked hard; you’ve made wise decisions; let us lend a helping hand in maintaining your investment.

Services Include a Wide Range of Everyday Chores

Here are some average prices for a home 900 to 1,600 square feet in size: $150 for a one-time service; $140 per week for biweekly service for a month; $100 per week for six months of housekeeping services; and $98.99 a week for 12 months of service. Housekeeping services are only provided for Golden Ocala residents.

Housekeeper washing dishes

Services in all rooms include emptying and removing trash; vacuuming carpet; sweeping and mopping floors: dusting and polishing furniture; dusting under and above knick knacks; dusting lamps, pictures on walls, baseboards and window sills; and dusting window sills.

In the bedrooms, we make beds when linen is available. In bathrooms, we clean bathtubs; sinks; shower doors and tracks; and bathroom countertops.

Here’s is what we take care of in the kitchen: all counter tops; the exteriors of appliances; the tops and fronts of stoves; cabinet exteriors; the inside of sinks and the sink areas;  the loading of the dishwasher; the hand washing of some dishes; and the inside of microwaves.

We even do maintenance, including changing light bulbs, replacing air-conditioning filters, running water every two weeks when you’re away, and changing the water in the refrigerator tray.

We provide additional services upon request. Call 352-402-4377 for more information.

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