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Eagles Landing – Our Newest Residential Community

As you may have heard, we are building a new residential community here at Golden Ocala called Eagles Landing. This community, located across the lake from the tennis courts and spa, will feature villas (built by Boutwell Contracting & Development) and townhomes (built by Tallen Builders). Construction for Eagles Landing began in January and we are excited to report the progress that the builders are making.

With the rain early in the week, the ground has been muddy, but this hasn’t stopped our builders. All of the curbing and road base on the entry road has been completed, as well as the sewer system, the storm system, and the gas.

Progress for the Villas

Boutwell is currently building 3 two-story single family villas on Lots 13, 14 and 15. All three homes are the same 2,617 sq. ft floor plan featuring 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and a 2-car garage. As you can see in the picture below, they are currently working on the second story and roof of the home on Lot 13. When they are building the roofs of these homes, they protect them with a water shield membrane before they place on the tiles.

Villas - Lot 13

Villas – Lot 13

For the home on Lot 14, Boutwell finished installing the windows last week and they are now working on the interior drywall. Adding stucco will be the next project for the exterior of this home pictured below.

Villas - Lot 14

Villas – Lot 14

Progress for the Townhomes

The townhomes in Eagles Landing consist of 6 buildings (A-F), each with the same 6 floor plans ranging from 2,359 to 2,801 sq. ft. This week, Tallen Builders will finish setting the trusses for Building A. After that, roof decking will begin, which is a job that will take about a week and a half.

Townhomes - Building A

Townhomes – Building A

Townhomes - Building A

Townhomes – Building A

For Building B, the masonry walls were poured on Tuesday to begin the construction of this building. Next week, they will be starting the floor system in this building and after that, they plan to work on the exterior walls.

Townhomes - Building B

Townhomes – Building B

We are happy to share the progress of this new and exciting project with you. Check back soon for more Eagles Landing progress updates!