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What Are The Best Golf Swing Tips?

Guess what sport this is: All players are satisfied with their swings and no players are satisfied with their swings – at the same time. Golf is, by its nature, counterintuitive. (And only an avid golfer would understand that.) What makes a good golf swing, besides practice, practice and practice?

While we at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club rave about our world-class championship golf course, we understand the importance of putting into use good habits with these golf swing tips.

Here are seven tips from GolfTips Magazine to get you swinging your way to excellence:

  1. Swing low, sweet chariot. That is, with your hands. Keeping your hands low in the finish will keep the ball low, creating more control and distance.
  2. Get some backbone. At the top of your swing, try to make sure your left forearm stays parallel with your spine. This will help create a more solid ball strike.
  3. Let your body talk. The secret to a powerful swing: Use your body for strength, not your arms.
  4. Rusty hinges. To avoid low-ball strikes and lack of ball control, players at swing setup should make sure their left arm and club are at a 45 degree angle. The swing starts with wrists hinged at 90 degrees. The aim in the takeaway is to have the left thumb point to the right shoulder.
  5. Ham sandwiches. Slices can be caused when a club’s open face makes contact with the ball. The swing path of slicers typically goes too much to the outside. Golfers should strive to make the strike closer to the inside. Professionals sometimes recommend using the Drill Box. Stand a golf ball box on its side between the player and the ball. The box should be parallel to the target line. Try to swing to make the shaft pass over the top of the box. Slicers should set the box in the ball’s path.
  6. Hitchhiking. Hookers should point their thumbs down on impact to prevent the clubface from striking the ball too soon. This approach makes the closing of the clubface go slower so balls don’t fly to the left.
  7. Early release. This happens when your body is too far in front of the ball. Your hands attempt during the swing to close the club face at ball strike. To correct this, get in a position where your head is behind the ball.

Golf swing follow-through

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