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Upgrading the Mechanic Area Interior

Written by Jack Creveling, our Golf Course Superintendent.

With the high demands that are placed on the mechanic department at Golden Ocala, the upkeep and functionality of the shop must be kept to the highest standards. Since the number and frequency of machines being used during this time of year is less than during summer months, winter provides a great time to make improvements to the interior of our mechanic area.

During the 2nd week of February, we painted the shop floors and reorganized the layout to help improve efficiency.

Floors before just getting underway with the paint.

Floors before just getting underway with the paint.

Amazing Aesthetic Appeal

As you can see in the picture below, the difference in appearance is striking and will make cleaning up after servicing equipment much easier. These interior improvements also help boost morale within the department and increase the pride each team member feels when working in the shop.

After paint was applied the difference is clear.

After paint was applied, the difference was apparent.

Organization through Definition

The addition of yellow lines to the grey floor allows for clear definition of location for each machine. Lining the machines up in organized rows helps to reduce clutter in high traffic areas. This process will be carried out every two years (or as needed) in the mechanic area of the shop.

Applying the finishing touches.

Applying the finishing touches.