17 November 14  |  Golf   |  

Thoughts to Improve Your Iron Game

Written by Mike Cooney, Director of Golf.

Golfers are continuously trying to perfect their golf game so they can play like the pros. At Golden Ocala I see members focusing on all parts of the game. A popular aspect I see members focusing on is improving their iron game. There are many ways to improve on this part of the game. Here are my thoughts on how you can improve your iron game.


A Secret to Good Iron Play

One of the secrets to good iron play is to keep things simple.  Below you will find fundamental keys to hitting the irons solidly and consistently:

  • The longer the iron, the farther forward you should position the ball in your stance.
  • You should feel like you are sweeping the longer irons (3 & 4 irons). You will want to hit down on the rest of your irons (5 through lob wedge).  Be sure to trust the club’s loft to get the ball airborne.
  • Your back-swing with the irons is shorter than your backswing with your woods.
  • To promote good timing, start down slowly from the top of your backswing.
  • The clubhead strikes the ball first and the turf last.  Begin to take your divot once the ball leaves your clubface.
  • Swing within yourself.  On standard shots, never expend more than 80 percent of your effort.
  • The worse the lie, the farther back you should position the ball in your stance.
  • Always tee up your ball on par 3’s.  You want every edge you can get.
  • The perfect divot is about the size and shape of a dollar bill.

It takes time, patience and practice to perfect your game. Take each of these tips and start including them in your next golf game. You can even work off of the practice tees first so  you feel more comfortable with any changes you made. For more golf tips and techniques visit our blog.