19 March 14  |  Golf   |  

When is a TEE more than a TEE??

Written by John Elliot Jr., Director of Golf Instruction

Golfers, as I’m sure you are aware, you tee off AT LEAST 18 times in a typical round of golf. But how many times do you actually notice what the tee does after hitting the ball? Every time you tee it up, you get information back IF you are paying attention.

If you are hitting your driver correctly, the tee should bend, break or fly out of the ground. On irons, the tee again should do the same as the driver, but you’ll look at the direction it’s pointing as an indication of your swing path. Also, it helps to make mental notes as to where your divot is (front or back of the ball) and if the club head passed through the center of tee. Let me show you what I mean…

Each of these are subtle messages that can help you to know what your tendencies are and direct you in your search for better ball striking. In summary, your tee is talking to you – are you listening??