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With Spring Comes Warm Weather… and Insects

Written by Jack Creveling, our Golf Course Superintendent.

Spring is a welcome time of year for golfers. Longer days and ideal playing conditions make this our peak season. Unfortunately, insects find this change in the weather a sign to become active. Mole crickets can be especially disruptive and damaging to the turf, creating an undesirable playing surface.

An up close look at the mole cricket.

An up-close look at the mole cricket.

Mole Cricket Control

This past week, the Golf Course Maintenance Team contracted Southern Soils to apply an insecticide called Chipco Choice® for 12 month control of mole crickets, as well as ants. Southern Soils is a leader in custom chemical applications throughout the southeast United States.

The product is applied through a contract company with certification.

 The Chipco Choice® product is mounted on the rear of a tractor and slit into the soil a quarter of an inch down in depth.

The unit is mounted on the rear of a tractor and is slit into the soil.

All golf course tees, fairways, and roughs were sliced. However, the soil disruption will heal quickly and this product is not harmful to humans in any way.

All golf course tees, fairways and rough were sliced; the soil disruption will heal quickly

Longer Days and Long-Term Results

Applying this insecticide to the turf allows for better long-term aesthetics and a more enjoyable playing experience for our members. Golfers, take advantage of the longer spring days to enjoy our championship golf course!