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Roberts Cup Recap

Recap of 2018 Roberts Cup Invitational

The Roberts Cup Invitational (10/25 through 10/28) was met with golf clap-type applause. Much of that applause was for 2018 Champions Kyle Hosick and Chad Branton, as well as Senior Division Champions Tim Richey and Craig Stephens.

What made this third-annual event that much more exciting was the growth. A committee reviewed 30 applicants’ playing resumes and selected all applicants to participate — increasing this year’s roster by a dozen golfers and prompting Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club to set a goal of 50 golfers for 2019.


History and Itinerary

The Roberts Cup is named after the family who created our multifaceted community — bringing thousands of people to Horse Country to share a love of championship-level sports and an all-around luxury lifestyle. This incredible tournament is an opportunity to share that dream come true with members and nationwide nonmembers alike. In just four days and 72 holes, titles are founded that are permanently marked in the record books.

An event this significant deserves an itinerary created with success in mind. It includes practice rounds, three split tee rounds and a short game, with plenty of food, awards and music to keep everyone energized and enthusiastic.

Just like the Roberts’ vision for our beautifully constructed Golden Ocala, the Roberts Cup has been carefully molded — but in this case, from other historical and highly praised golf tournaments. Its itinerary was guided by the Champions Cup Invitational and The Devlin Cup. The Champions Cup is hosted by the Champions Golf Club in Houston, Texas and is an amateur invitational of four-round, two-man, best-ball stroke golf. Open in 1957, the course was home to four PGA Tour championships and will serve as the venue for the U.S. Women’s Open in June 2020. Meanwhile, The Devlin Cup is a competitive golf tournament aided by The Devlin Foundation — a nonprofit committed to junior golf-related charities. The Devlin Cup is named after pro Bruce Devlin — who built and designed more than 150 golf courses throughout the world — and is an all-inclusive event at Secession Golf Club in Beaufort, South Carolina.

Want to help Golden Ocala make some more history of its own? Contact Director of Golf Ryan Gray at (352) 402-4345. And for a complete spreadsheet of final results from the 2018 Roberts Cup Invitational, click here.