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Proper Footwork in the Golf Swing

Written by Mike Cooney, Director of Golf.

It is critical to have good footwork in your golf swing to hit crisp (solid) golf shots. As most of you may already know, I am a fan of Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, and Tom Watson. I would highly recommend you watch their footwork as they make their swings. You can witness their swings below, as pulled straight from YouTube.

Sam Snead’s Swing

Jack Nicklaus’ Swing

Tom Watson’s Swing

If you watch all three of these great golf players, look closely and you will notice that they never finish flat footed with their right foot, nor do they ever overturn their right foot while making a full swing. If you had an arrow pointed out the back side of their right heel, you will see that the arrow points 90 degrees directly toward the sky at the completion of their swing.

How Does This Translate to My Swing?

Mike Cooney swing b&wIf you keep your *right foot (heel) planted too long, you will typically hit behind the ball and hit the shot fat. Conversely, if you over turn your right foot (heel) too much or too soon, you will tend to hit the outside of the ball, resulting in a pull to the left or a weak slice from left to right. Take this into consideration during your next golf game and keep checking back for more golf tips!

*Keep in mind the above information is for a right-handed golfer.