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Pre-Shot Routine for Putting

Written by Mike Cooney, Director of Golf.

Keeping a Consistent Routine

If you watch PGA Tour players, you will notice they have a consistent putting routine. Most players, both men and women, take a look at the hole while they take a practice stroke or two.

Take Jack Nicklaus for example. If you ever had the opportunity to watch him putt, you may have noticed how he held the putter a little off the ground before hitting the putt. He mainly did this for two reasons:

  1. If Jack’s ball moved on the green out of its original position, it would not have been a penalty stroke.
  2. Jack felt as though he could make a smoother stroke with the putter not soled on the putting surface.

How Do I Incorporate this Technique into My Pre-Shot Putting Routine?

When you are making your practice stroke, make sure you are far enough away from the ball. Set up behind the ball with your putter, then take two looks at the hole and make your stroke. Check out the video below for my demonstration:

The best part of the routine is looking at the hole while making your practice stroke. This allows your eyes to concentrate for a few more seconds. Spending more time looking at the hole will definitely help you with your distance (depth perception) on the greens, as well as improve your hand-eye coordination.