02 March 14  |  Golf   |  

Pound that Ground!!

Written by John Elliot Jr., Director of Golf Instruction

From my many experiences in playing and teaching golf, I truly believe that the biggest obstacle in getting better has to do with a player’s ability or inability to hit the ground when they swing. Like everything else in the game, there are three places to collide with the turf:

  1. Where you intend to
  2. Behind where you intend to (most common)
  3. In front of where you intend to (very rare)

Where should you intend to pound the ground? The answer is between your ZIPPER and your FRONT FOOT. Let me break it down for you:

So, before you start pounding a lot of balls, begin by pounding the ground… a lot… and even more yet. Control the ball instead of letting it control you and watch your scores drop!