10 December 13  |  Golf   |  

New Rakes Improve Product and Efficiency

Written by Jack Creveling, our Golf Course Superintendent.

This week, the team at Golf Course Maintenance implemented changes to improve the bunkers around the greens on the golf course. Greenside bunkers are very important to golfers as they try to play shots that require great skill and touch to place the ball near the hole. We are now hand raking virtually every bunker around the greens to ensure a fair and exceptional presentation.

Improving Efficiency with 2 Rake Heads

To help improve efficiency, the team of mechanics at Golf Course Maintenance built a prototype rake with 2 heads to increase the volume of raking performed by an individual team member.

Omar Alonso Demonstrates New Rake

These rakes were made by taking 2 normal leaf rakes, adding a 2”x 4” piece of wood, and inserting the handle in the center of the wood with the heads attached below. Screws were used with epoxy to hold the rake together. Our team members now rake just as before, but they get twice the work done with each pass. With this improved efficiency, we can rake larger bunkers around the greens by hand instead of by machine.

Agustin Briones Rakes at Hole Number 8

The Steps of our Daily Process

Our full process for each bunker is as follows:

  1. Blow clear any leaves or debris.
  2. Check the sand for unlevel areas or footprints and level with the rake that is at the bunkers for golf play to utilize.
  3. With wire rakes, rake the center of the bunker and then around the edge.
  4. Finally, break up any sand outside the bunker and place the rake for golf play to the outside of the normal line of play.

As you can see below, the finished product provides a uniform surface that will allow golfers every opportunity to place their next shot near the hole.

Bunker at Front of 6 Green after Morning Raking