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Moving Off the Ball- The Swaying Golf Swing

Written by Mike Cooney, Director of Golf.

Ideally when golfing, all golfers would love to be able to turn their shoulders ninety degrees to the right, then ninety degrees to the left (for a right handed golfer).  A problem many of us run into as we get older is we do not have much time to stretch on a regular basis. This can make our full rotation when swinging more difficult. Some of us may also develop sore backs as we age which also makes it harder to have a full range of motion when swinging. For those of you with this problem, I have a golf swing technique called moving off the ball which is easier on your back. You may have heard other golfers refer to this as swaying.


Moving Off the Ball

If you watch players such as, Rocco Mediate, Curtis Strange and Moe Norman, they sway their weight to their right foot, back to their left foot when swinging. Give this swing technique a try next time you are on the practice tee. Be sure to move your head the same distance towards the target as you do away from the target to hit crisp solid shots. The moving off the ball concept will help eliminate some of the twisting and turning which will especially help those who have tender backs.

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