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Moisture Meters Allow for Precision Watering on Greens

Written by Jack Creveling, our Golf Course Superintendent.

In order to consistently provide championship golf course conditions, the most important type of turf grass for courses to maintain is its greens. As expectations for putting surfaces continue to increase, technology has been helping the golf course maintenance team at Golden Ocala provide the best greens for our membership.

Checking Water Volume

Moisture meters, which measure the volume of water content in the soil, are a regular part of our water maintenance routine on the greens to help us meet our desired results.

Eric Beitia Checking Soil Moisture Content on 7 Green

These meters allow our team to know the exact amount of water content in the soil at any location on any green. With this information, we can more accurately manage our overnight irrigation for water volume and maintain the moisture at the optimal point for plant health and playability for golfers.

Digital Display of the Spectrum Fieldscout Moisture Meter

Once We Get the Meter Reading, We Hand Water

Following reading up to 100 spots on an individual green, our team applies water precisely with a hose to elevate the water level on each green based on the thresholds set by the superintendent team for the day. Hand watering greens is essential in providing consistent tournament-quality putting surfaces.

Eric Applies Water to 7 Green Following His Moisture Meter Data Collection

We’d like to wish our members a very happy New Year and we hope everyone continues to enjoy their golf games on our greens!