10 October 13  |  Golf   |  

Laying New Sod at Sunrise

Written by Jack Creveling, Golf Course Superintendent.

We are Always Improving the Course

We are always working to improve our championship golf course for the enjoyment of our members and guests. Last week, the Golf Course Maintenance Team added grass to the Southern side of 9 Greenside bunkers to improve the course aesthetics and play-ability.

Working Through A Multiple Step Process

  1. First, irrigation was added by running a pipe from the greens irrigation loop over to the slope to be sodded.
  2. Next, preparation of the ground included adding soil and grading the slope to fit the desired look.
  3. Finally, an application of grow-in fertilizer was applied and sod placed on top to complete the grass stage of the project.

Laying Sod at Sunrise

In the above photo, you can see the sod staged at sunrise for 5 crew members to put down and cut into place. This week, cord grass plants were placed along the cart path to finish off the enhancement.

Come Out and Enjoy!

My team and I take great pride in what we do to maintain our top-notch golf course. Now it’s your job to come out to the course and enjoy it! The 1st Annual Veterans Helping Veterans Charity Fundraiser, Tennis Mixed Doubles Challenge and Golf Outing is coming up on October 18-19, 2013. Events like these are great opportunities for guests to play on the beautiful course that our members get to enjoy every day!