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The Key to Golf Success Resides in Swing Speed

Jason Day plays golf in his head. That’s where winners are made, he said.

Day, one of the top golfers in the world, won the PGA Championship last month and later the Barclays. Viewed in the sport as one of the smartest players, Day has demonstrated that success at golf – and in everything else – happens mentally first.

We at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club’s Golf Club will discuss Day’s mentality and delve into the mechanics of the golf swing.

Think Like a Pro

Day recently discussed the thought process of successful playing with USA Today.

“I always thought that I had the skills to play and win at the highest level and be competitive, but mentally I think the last piece of the puzzle was to really believe. It’s easy to say, just go ahead and believe in yourself. But how do you believe in yourself when you don’t know what to believe in? That was the hardest part for me.

“I look at a wealthy person and say, ‘you’re rich.’ But if they don’t truly believe that they’re wealthy, then they’re not going to believe it. It’s easy to say that you have a great swing and you’re one of the best players out here, but if you truly don’t believe in it, you’re never going to be. That’s what I was talking about, that’s the last piece of the puzzle. Everyone is good to be out here. Everyone is a good golfer. Everyone can be great. The biggest thing that separates the best players in the world from the good players is upstairs.”

The Key to Golf Success Resides in Swing Speed

Pick Up the Pace

One tool of the game Day often employs is club speed: Players looking to improve their game should focus on acceleration through the ball. Attempt to establish the highest swing velocity at your left hip (for right handed players). Golfers often slow their speed at impact.

Golf pros say the best approach involves swinging faster, not harder. Here are four tips from golfsmith.com:

  1. Set the club on your shoulders behind your head on your neck. Grab both ends of the club with your hands.
  2. While maintaining a straight posture, rotate your upper body to the right then to the left. Picture this movement as mimicking your backswing in the follow-through (for right-handed players).
  3. Repeat this movement ten times. Take a break for 30 second and then repeat for a total of three sets. Increase the number of repetitions based on your ability.
  4. Perform this exercise every day to improve your swing speed and expand your range of motion.

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