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Keeping the Greens Fast and True

Written by Jack Creveling, our Golf Course Superintendent.

During the summer months, the Tif-eagle Bermuda grass greens at Golden Ocala require some extra attention to keep them rolling fast and smooth. To achieve the championship conditions the club is known for during this season, we use the vertical mowing method 3 or 4 times a month on our greens. Here is a look at the process:

First, the vertical mower cuts the grass in multiple directions at a depth of nearly 1/10 of an inch into the surface to remove excess grass and organic material.

Keeping the Greens Fast and True-1

Next, the greens are blown clean of all the material brought up by the vertical mower. The greens are then mowed with a normal greens mower at the same height we mow them daily, in this case .120 inches. Each green is mowed by a tandem of operators.

Keeping the Greens Fast and True-2

Following the mowers, the greens are blown clear once more to remove any lingering debris that may have been left behind. With a fresh vertical cut and regular mow, the greens are ready for sand topdressing. The sand settles into the grooves created by the vertical mower and allows for a smoother surface for golf play.

Keeping the Greens Fast and True-3

Finally, the greens are irrigated to help incorporate the sand into the profile and alleviate some of the stress this process can cause. The long term results are healthier, smoother and faster rolling greens. The greens will completely heal from this process within 3-5 days.

Keeping the Greens Fast and True-4

Members, we look forward to continuing to maintain championship golf course conditions at your club so that you can keep enjoying one of the best courses in the Southeast!