26 November 13  |  Golf   |  

In-House Bunker Renovation at Hole 11

Written by Jack Creveling, our Golf Course Superintendent.

The team at Golf Course Maintenance has been working hard on improving the look and consistency of the bunkers on property. Last week, the 3 bunkers on Hole 11 were renovated and the results speak for themselves.

Our Renovation Process

First, the contaminated material was removed, which in some areas was over 12 inches in depth! Also, the drainage lines were cleared inside the bunkers.

Clearing Drainage Lines within the Bunkers

Following this, fresh sand was added to the bunkers to make a uniform depth of between 4-5 inches of sand at the bottom of the bunkers with 2-3 inches of sand in the bunker faces.

Adding Fresh Sand to the Bunkers

Next, the bunkers were watered with a hose and plate compacted to firm the surface up. After that, they were leveled with a smooth edge to prepare for raking.

Following the clean-up of the sand around the perimeter and any other needed cleaning, the bunkers were raked using normal wire rakes and opened back up for play.

Bunkers are Raked

We are proud to say that the renovation we performed provided the look and condition the team at Golf Course Maintenance had hoped for!